Links to Other Resources

Great maqam information—the best I've seen:
Misc.: Extremely informative site.
Turkish: Excellent site, primarily regarding Turkish music. Lots of history.
Misc.: Various info, including maqamat and Ney instructions.


Mike's Arabic Oud website & forum:
General info: Lark in the Morning Oud info by David Brown
Misc.: A huge collection of links
Oud for Guitarists:


Simon Shaheen:
Salem Abdul-Karem:

Anouar Brahem:
Dimitriadis Nikos:


Luthier Najib Shaheen: The OudMan Master Luthier Najib Shaheen (brother of Simon Shaheen). He sells ouds in a variety of price ranges and does first-rate restorations and repairs. Highly recommended!
Luthier Viken Najarian: Najarian ouds. He also has a CD and beginning method book for sale.
Luthier Faruk Turunz:
Luthier: Oud Maker, some mp3's, info and links


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